Low power consumption, convenient size, and style for days. UFgrO LEDs quickly have growers realizing the benefits of LED lighting. Just plug ’em in, and let the lights do their thing. No need for a grow room or a ton of equipment with these. Just display, and grow.

P.S. They look and fit great in a kitchen setting!


Plants crave the light of the sun, and our HID lighting selection is designed to replicate that wonderful star. With High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide bulbs, as well as ballasts with tons of customization features, Bloomerang’s HID selection is lighting up the competition.


Bloomerang Fluorescent lights and fixtures are a less bulky, yet efficient lighting option that can support a plant’s life from seedling to harvest. Ideal for small grow spaces with greens like lettuce, spinach, and herbs, Fluorescent fixtures produce minimal heat and should be placed within inches of the tops of your plants for optimal effectiveness and harvests you can be proud of.